Courses for Summer 2018 


  • PHIL 1. Short Introduction to Philosophy

    • An introductory course in western philosophy.

  • PHIL 3. Critical Thinking

    • Practical reasoning, argumentation, and the analysis of language as instruments of sound thinking in everyday life.

  • PHIL 4. Introduction to Ethics

    • An examination, at an introductory level, of such ethical issues as: why be moral, moral relativism, the nature of virtues and vices; and possibly consideration of practical ethical problems such as abortion or war.

  • PHIL 100B. Theory of Knowledge

    • Investigates fundamental questions surrounding the nature of human knowledge and human justification, such as: What do I know? What am I justified in believing? What is it to know something? What is it to hold a justified belief?

  • PHIL 100D. Philosophy of Mind

    • Discussion of some central questions about the mind: are people identical to their bodies? What is it to feel, believe, or desire something? What distinguishes intelligent thinking from a computer's activities? What is the connection between language and thought?

  • PHIL 112. Philosophy of Religion

    • A study of some of the following topics: religious language, the existence and nature of god, the problem of evil, religious experience, religion and morality, the rationality of religious belief.

  • PHIL 145. Punishment and Responsibility

    • An examination of some of the philosophical problems of punishment and responsibility: The rationale of punishment and the legal doctrine of mens rea; the analysis of conditions of responsibility, relations between punishment, responsibility, retribution, guilt, shame, etc.

  • PHIL 180. Philosophical Psychology

    • An examination of some of the concepts of the mind such as those of desire,intention, action, perception, sensation, and the unconcious.