Courses for Summer 2017

Session A

  • PHIL 1. Short Introduction to Philosophy
    • An introductory course in western philosophy.
  • Phil 100E: Metaphysics
    • Introduction to the philosophical study of the most general and fundamentalfeatures of reality. Topics vary, but may include universals, particulars, identity and individuation, substance, the nature of persons, causation, and the nature of time.
  • Phil 112: Philosophy of Religion
    • A study of some of the following topics: religious language, the existence and nature of god, the problem of evil, religious experience, religion and morality, the rationality of religious belief.
  • Phil 183: Beginning Modern Logic
    • An introduction to the concepts and methods of moder symbolic logic. Emphasis is placed on problems of translating english expressions into logical symbols and on the development of skills in using the formal proof proceduresof sentential and predicate logic.

Session B

  • Phil 3: Critical Thinking
    • Practical reasoning, argumentation, and the analysis of language as instruments of sound thinking in everyday life.
  • Phil 4: Introduction to Ethics
    • An examination, at an introductory level, of such ethical issues as: why bemoral, moral relativism, the nature of virtues and vices; and possibly consideration of practical ethical problems such as abortion or war.
  • Phil 100B: Theory of Knowlege
    • Investigates fundamental questions surrounding the nature of human knowledge and human justification, such as: What do I know? What am I justified in believing? What is it to know something? What is it to hold a justified belief?