Ethics Bowl Regional Results

Congratulations to the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl debate team for placing second in the California Regional Competition (with twenty-four teams competing) and advancing to the National Finals this spring -- the fourth consecutive year that the UCSB team has made it to the national playoffs! Well done, UCSB!

Team 1 placed second in the regional competition, and consisted of Natalie Ries, Nica Aranaga, Schuyler Capita, Jaze Matteo Wharton, Conor Beezhold, and Aisha Shah (alternate).

Team 2 made it to the regional competition semi-finals, and consisted of Sofia Lyon, Andy Knox, Varun Iyer, Isabelle Brady, Jonathan Jolly, and Steven Chow (alternate).

Sofia Lyon and Varun Iyer are team co-presidents, and Philosophy graduate student R. Wolfe Randall is the team coach.