Current Courses

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Spring 2024


Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Allen
3 Critical Thinking Charry
4 Introduction to Ethics Lamb
20C History of Philosophy: Early Modern Holden
100A Ethics Elizondo
100C Philosophy of Language  Salmon
100E Metaphysics Falvey
124A Philosophy of Science Barrett
134 Moral Psychology Zimmerman
139 Meta-Ethics Mokriski
143 Philosophy of Law Greene
149 Action Theory Falvey
150A Advanced Ethical Theory Elizondo
184 Intermediate Modern Logic Robertson Ishii
189 Philosophy of Love and Sex Jarrett
124A/224A Philosophy of Science Barrett
134/234 Moral Psychology Zimmerman
143/243 Philsophy of Law Greene
149/249 Action Theory Falvey
150A/250A Advanced Ethical Theory Elizondo
184/284 Intermediate Modern Logic Robertson Ishii
224F Philosophy of Cognition  Roskies
296C Seminar in Philosophy of Language Salmon
297A Seminar in History of Philosophy1 Holden
298B Problems in Legal and Political Philosophy  Greene
This seminar will examine Hume's metaphysics, epistemology, and philosophical pyschology as it appears in his early work A Treatise of Human Nature (1739-40). Our focus will largely be on book 1, "Of the Understanding"