Current Courses

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Spring 2022

Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Perkins
3 Critical Thinking Davies
4 Introduction to Ethics Pierce
20C History of Philosophy: Early Modern Holden
100A Ethics Elizondo
100B Theory of Knowledge Zimmerman
100D Philosophy of Mind Zimmerman
139 Meta-Ethics Mokriski
150E Advanced Topics in Metaphysics Mokriski
188 Theory of Value Jarrett
124A/224A Philosophy of Science1 Barrett
131/231G Advanced Topic in Applied Ethics Hanser
141/241G History of Ethics2 Fernandez
147/247G Philosophy of Economics Fernandez
183/283G Beginning Modern Logic Salmon
297A Seminar in History of Philosophy3 Holden
299A Seminar in Philosophy of Logic4 Robertson Ishii/Salmon
1 124A/224A: A course on logical empiricism.
2 141/241G: A course on Aristotle's Ethics.
3 297A: Empiricism and scientific anti-realism. We'll examine the early modern empiricists' treatment of physical theory, and particularly discourse about particles and forces. Most of the time we will be examining the forms of scientific anti-realism (instrumentalism, fictionalism, expressivism) we find in Berkeley and Hume.
4 299A: This seminar will be on modal logic, modal essentialism in Kripke's Naming and Necessity, and related issues.