UCSB will be appearing on NBC's College Bowl game show airing 9/23 at 8pm. Most of the team members are part of our Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl debate team based in the Philosophy Department. Go UCSB!

The department warmly welcomes five new graduate students for the Fall '22:  Gavin Beretvas, ...

Congratulations to R. Wolfe Randall!

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Congratulations to Jason...

Donald W. Crawford died peacefully at home on July 19, 2022. He is survived by his wife, Sharon...

Congratulations to Morgan Davies, Jeff Bagwell, Jason Hanschmann, and Salvador Escalante Díaz Barreiro! (click title for full details)

Congratulations to Varun Iyer, Nick Kim, Mackenzie Taradalsky, Sofia Lyon, Alex Proksch, Lucas Parson, and Yuval Cohen! (click title for full details)

Congratulations to Sangsu Kim on successfully defending his dissertation, "Reductive Collectivism and a Moral Justification for Killing in War". Sangsu will be starting his tenure-track job at the Korea Military Academy in July of 2022.

Congratulations to Voula Tsouna on her promotion to the rank of Professor Above Scale (aka Distinguished Professor) in the UCSB Philosophy Department! This is a fantastic achievement, and a great honor both for her and the Department.

Congratulations to Steven on successfully defended his paper, "Neo-Spinozist Substances and the Hole Argument". Passing the QP is the last hurdle before advancing to candidacy.