Congratulations to R. Wolfe Randall, whose paper "Pluralism About Group Knowledge: A Reply to Jesper Kallestrup" (co-authored with Avram Hiller) has been published in Social Epistemology Review and Reply Collective!

Congratulations to Jeff Bagwell, whose paper "Debunking Interface Theory: Why Hoffman's skepticism (really) is self-defeating" has been published in Synthese!

Congratulations to Jason Hanschmann, whose paper "Memberless Social Groups" has been accepted for publication in Synthese!

Congratulations to UCSB's two Ethics Bowl debate teams, who competed at the annual regional competition hosted by UC Santa Cruz.

We are very proud of their hard work this season!

Congrats to Sherri Lynn Conklin (UCSB PhD, 2020)! Her co-authored paper , “Where are the Women? The Ethnic Representation of Women Authors in Philosophy Journals, by Regional Affiliation and Specialization” has been accepted for publication in The European Journal of Analytic Philosophy.

As faculty in the department of Philosophy, we would like to voice our strong support for our teaching assistants and associates. Click to read the full statement.

Congratulations to Sherri Lynn Conklin (PhD, 2020)! Her project, titled “Set Theoretic Accounts...

UCSB will be appearing on NBC's College Bowl game show airing 9/23 at 8pm. Most of the team members are part of our Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl debate team based in the Philosophy Department. Go UCSB!

The department warmly welcomes five new graduate students for the Fall '22:  Gavin Beretvas, ...

Congratulations to R. Wolfe Randall!