Christopher Britton

Photo of Christopher Britton
Graduate Student in Residence

Office Location

SH 5717


Research Interests

  • Specialization: Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Cognitive Science

  • Competences: Political Philosophy, Early Modern Philosophy


  • BA Philosophy, Western Washington University, 2014

  • MA Philosophy, UCSB, 2019

  • PhD Philosophy, UCSB 2023, (expected)


When not reading philosophy, I'm either reading Japanese literature, playing the piano, playing video games, or studying Japanese. Some of my studies and interests outside of philosophy include psychology/cognitive science, foreign languages, linguistics, Greek/Roman/Chinese/Japanese history, and economic/political theory.


My current research is concerned with reconciling the competing understandings of concepts within scientific psychology and philosophy, as well as articulating what I believe is a novel approach to concepts more generally. I am also interested in issues such as animal cognition, ecological psychology, and teleosemantic approaches to mental content and language.