Lee Hristienko

Photo of Lee Hristienko
Graduate Student in Residence

Office Location

South Hall 5707


Research Interests:
  • Normative Ethics
  • Metaethics
  • Responsibility
  • Wellbeing


BA Hons.: Philosophy - University of Manitoba
MA: Philosophy - Western Michigan University


When I'm not doing philosophy, I enjoy working out, trying new foods, gaming (video or board), building/painting scale models, and baking. I'd also like to learn a new language, so I may start that soon.


I have researched, and continue to research, various topics in and adjacent to ethics (besides what is listed above, I have worked in moral psychology, philosophy of emotion, applied ethics, and rationality); though have yet to settle on a primary project. Within these topics, I am most interested in virtue ethics, eudaimonism, moral realism, making sense of responsibility in light of determinism, and the role of the emotions in ethics and wellbeing. I also enjoy some topics in epistemology, specifically the structure of justification, performative knowledge, and the application of values in scientific practice.