Sherri Lynn Conklin

Sherri Lynn Conklin
Graduate Student in Residence

Office Hours

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Office Location

South Hall 5718


Research Interests

  • Ethics
  • Moral Psychology
  • Moral Worth
  • Responsibility
  • Action Theory


  • B.A., Philosophy and Psychology, Wheaton College
  • M.Sc. by Research in Philosophy, University of Edinburgh


  • President & Co-Founder, Minorities and Philosophy (MAP), UCSB Chapter

Interests include:

  • Youth Education Outreach
  • J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Frank Herbert
  • D&D
  • Travel (22 Countries)
  • Medieval Literature

Bragging Rights: I have translated Beowulf from Anglo-Saxon to English.


I double majored in Philosophy and Psychology as an undergraduate. While I decided to pursue Philosophy at the graduate level, my background in Psychology greatly informs my work in Philosophy. Recent work includes a thesis titled “Blame and Moral Indifference,” which dealt with application of blame to morally indifferent agents in Nomy Arply’s Unprincipled Virtue. I also completed a dissertation titled “Philosophical Issues with Praise-Blame Asymmetry,” which primarily dealt with philosophical inconsistencies in the empirically-based folk concept of Praise-Blame Asymmetry. I am currently conducting research on the topic of “Responsibility without Blame.” My primary goals are to identify when an agent can be held responsible for her wrong acts without being a candidate for blame, and to determine whether blame is morally justifiable.