Tom Costigan

Graduate Student in Residence

Office Hours

W 10a - noon

Office Location

South Hall 2432X


Research Interests

  • Metaphysics (Social Metaphysics)
  • Logic
  • Epistemology


St. Louis University (BA)

University of Missouri, St. Louis (MA) 


I was introduced to philosophy through an ethics class in high school and I have been fascinated since. Inspired by Naming and Necessity, I initially wanted to concentrate on modal logic and language, but now my research focuses on social metaphysics.

Outside of philosophy I enjoy hiking, skiing, and spikeball.


I research the metaphyscis of organized social groups, like the Supreme Court. Currently, I am appling my metaphysical view of organized groups to corproations to offer a clearer understanding of corporate social responsibility.


Grad Slam 2019: The Gettier Problem

Grad Slam 2022: Corporate Social Responisibility