Upcoming Courses

The following courses are tentative and subject to change.

Fall 2024 | Winter 2025 | Spring 2025


Fall 2024

Number Title Instructor
1 Introduction to Philosophy Korman
3 Critical Thinking Dyck
4 Introduction to Ethics Mason 
20C History of Philosophy: Early Modern Tsouna
100A Ethics Elizondo
100D Philosophy of Mind Roskies
143 Philosophy of Law Jarrett
135 Contemporary Philosophy Mokriski
117/217 Comp and AI Allen
124/224 Philosophy and Neuroscience Roskies
128/228 Feminist Philosophy Mason
141/241 History of Ethics  Elizondo
151/251 Pre-Socratics  McKirahan
152/252 Plato Tsouna
156/256 Hellenistic Philosophy Tsouna
183/283 Beginning of Modern Logic Robertson Ishii
296B Seminar in Epistemology Korman
296D Seminar in Philosophy of Mind  Allen