Ethics Bowl

  • Meetings on Thursday in the Philosophy Department Common Room at 7pm.
  • Contact: Alex Lebrun

The UCSB Ethics Bowl Team is a group of UCSB undergraduate and graduate students who compete in the California Regional Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl every December. The team strives to enhance their understanding of ethics through some of the most complex and controversial issues facing society today, including but not limited to issues in law, medicine, business, journalism, education, and foreign policy.

In the competition, students demonstrate their ability to (1) understand the facts of the case, (2) articulate the ethical principles involved in the case, (3) present an effective argument on how the case should be resolved, and (4) respond effectively to challenges put forth by the opposing team as well as the panel of expert judges.


In 2018 the UCSB Ethics Bowl team for took first place in the Wasatch Regional Competition and advance to the National Finals this spring in Baltimore. They placed above fifteen other teams. The winning team (pictured above right) consisted of Dylan Goldman, Patrick Wu, and Varun Iyer. UCSB's second team consisted of Shay Guerrero, James Sylvester, Sofia Lyon, and Ethan Yu. Both teams were coached by graduate students Alex LeBrun and Jason Hanschmann.

For UCSB Ethics Bowl's previous successes, see here and here.

(Photographs by Michael Nekrasov: